Communication Cables – RS 485

RS 485 communication lines are used in the telecommunications industry. These cables are built to industry standards with high-quality raw materials and cutting-edge technology. In addition, we inform our customers that these cables have been tested against a number of quality measures to
ensure their quality.

The PVC/PE/Cellular PE Insulated RS 485 Communication Cable is composed of annealed bare or tinned high conductivity copper and is insulated with PVC/PE/Cellular PE Insulated. Twisted insulated cores form a pair, which is stacked in sub-units or units in concentric layers. Tapping is done in pairs and is covered by a PVC sheath. As needed, individual and/or general shielding using aluminum mylar tape, copper tape, lapping, or braiding is provided. Armoring has an extruded inner PVC/PE sheath and, depending on the application, an overall tape/lapping/braiding. Armoring with an extruded inner PVC/PE sheath and an overall PVC/PE sheath where necessary.

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