LT Power Cables


Tortek India is a Prominent LT Power Cable Manufacturers. We manufacture safe and secure lt power cable by using high-quality fire-retardant materials and electrolytic grade copper to ensure great conductivity. Our lt power cable are fire retardant so that they do not get easily burn from any flame which does take place in the house and the chemicals which are available in chemical industries and hospitals. We believe in delivering high-quality wire without any flaws so we make sure wires are tested with a stringent quality check based on the properties’ factors.

TORTEK LT POWER CABLES are utilised in power distribution applications such as industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential. They are used in a wide range of sectors, such as renewable energy, steel, cement, railroads, and several other industrial industries, among others.
These cables are made from EC grade aluminium or annealed/tinned electrolytic copper. IS: 8130 is met by all conductors. Conductors might be solid, stranded, compact, circular, or sector shaped.

PVC/XLPE extrusion Insulated, with cores put up on ST-1/ST-2 inner-sheath extruded PVC (FR/FRLSH/LSZH), unarmoured/armoured Extruded PVC ST-1/ST-2 (FR/FRLSH/LSZH) encased cables from single core to 1000 sq mm and multi-core to 4C X 400 sq mm.

Cables are made in accordance with IS: 1554 (Part-1)/IS: 7098 (Part-1)/IEC: 60502 (P-1)/BS: 5467, as well as client specifications.

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