Aerial Bunched Cables

Tortek Cables are one of the prestigious aerial bunch cable manufacturers, supplying high-conductivity cables for reliable power supply. The safety offered by these cables is due to the proper insulation, they are high in demand for supplying electrical power at different places. They are helpful in replacing the traditional power supply from different distribution units to residential areas or other required areas. With the help of the best industry experts, we are fabricating aerial bunch cables with all the features that make them the best to use in different electrical applications.

We make use of high-grade aluminium for manufacturing aerial bunched cables of different types. It helps in offering excellent conductivity along with a stable voltage supply. We make use of PVC and XLPE as insulation materials to offer complete safety and protection from external factors. It is one of the reasons that all aerial bunch cables supplied by Tortek Cables work effectively during voltage fluctuations. They are suitable to work perfectly under different weather conditions and can easily withstand several environmental factors.

Being one of the most popular aerial bunch cable manufacturers in India, we manufacture different-sized aerial bunch cables with proper sheathing. We are capable of fulfilling small to large demands of aerial bunch cables due to our bulk manufacturing facility. We also customize these cables to deliver the required quality shared by different clients. Our professionals ensure that they design aerial bunch cables that are safe during any accidental contact with human beings. The availability of proper insulation helps in protecting them from corrosion. We manufacture and design cables that can easily replace large and heavy pole cables for power supply in different areas.

All our aerial bunch cables are properly tested before supply. They come with all the quality standards that are required and are mandatory for a high-quality cable. At Tortek Cables, we aim to fulfil the needs of several industries and power supply units by offering them high-performing aerial bunch cables at the best market prices.

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