Mining Cables

Tunneling, drilling, shuttle cars, roof bolters, open mining, underground mining, mining pumps, and other mining activities all employ Tortek Mining Cables. They function well in highly severe working situations with a lot of vibrations, impact, and strain.

Mining cables have conductors composed of EC-grade aluminum or annealed electrolytic copper. IS: 8130 is met by all conductors. Conductors might be solid, stranded, compact, circular, or sector-shaped. PVC/XLPE extrusion insulated, with cores put up Extruded PVC ST-1/ST-2 (FR/FRLSH/LSZH) Double flat steel strip or double round wire PVC ST-1/ST-2 encased cables (FR/FRLSH/LSZH) extruded in accordance with IS: 1554 (Part-1)/IS: 7098 (Part-1).

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