MV Power Cables

TORTEK MV POWER CABLES are utilised in power distribution applications such as industrial, commercial, institutional, and residential. They are used in a wide range of sectors, such as renewable energy, steel, cement, railroads, and several other industrial industries, among others. These cables are made from EC grade aluminium or annealed/tinned electrolytic copper. IS: 8130 is met by all conductors. Conductors might be solid, stranded, compact, circular, or sector shaped.

XLPE extruded insulation with cores installed Unarmoured/Armoured Extruded PVC ST-1/ST-2 (FR/FRLSH/LSZH) inner-sheath, Extruded PVC ST-1/ST-2 (FR/FRLSH/LSZH) Multi-core to 4C X 400 sq mm encased cables and single core to 1000 sq mm encased cables Cables are manufactured in accordance with IS: 7098 (Part-2) and client specifications.

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