Armoured Cables


Tortek Cables are one of the prime armoured cable manufacturers in India, designing robust cables with complete protection. Due to the kind of safety offered by these cables, they are highly utilized in complex electrical projects. By looking at the demand for these cables, we are manufacturing high-conductivity armoured cables for several applications. Being an ISO-approved organization, we understand the quality requirement and always aim to maintain high standards in all types of cables supplied by us.

These cables are manufactured using different types of metal depending on their usage. We at Tortek Cables manufacture both steel and aluminum armoured cables. Depending on the demand of different clients, we manufacture multiple-core cables starting from 2-core to 3-core to 4-core cables. We have armoured cables of different lengths and thicknesses available to match different requirements. 

Being one of the top armoured cable manufacturers in India, we offer these cables with the varying voltage rating. We also customize armoured cables at our manufacturing plant to fulfill specific needs. They are also considered best for reducing power loss. Being the bulk manufacturers of these cables, we are capable of fulfilling the needs of multiple industries at a time. At present, our cables are utilized in different industries, including power distribution, underground wiring, data centers, the mining industry, construction sites, and multiple industrial sites. We have become renowned suppliers of high-performing armoured cables with great endurance power. Depending on their voltage rating, number of cores, and the length of the cables, their price vary from each other.

To make these cables strong and long-lasting, they are properly layered using tapes and robust material. It makes them best to use during harsh weather conditions. For offering proper insulation, we make use of excellent quality insulation materials like PVC or XLPE. The proper sheathing is done to offer more protection to the cable. However, all our armoured cables are available at nominal prices.

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