Instrumentation Cables


TORTEK INSTRUMENTATION CABLES are used in process plants to link instruments so that they can communicate with one another. They are excellent at controlling and supervising process instrumentation and equipment, as well as numerous communication, network, and digital control systems. They are intended to send signals without interference. They often work in industrial plants like refineries or petrol deposits, steel mills, or other manufacturing operations. They may be screened, armoured, and arranged in pairs, triads, quads, and so on.

On the basis shielding the cables are further categorized into:

Individual And Overall Shielded Cables

Conductor, Extruded PE/PVC/HR-PVC/XLPE Each pair/triad is set up and shielded separately with Mylar/Drain Wire/AI-Mylar before being laid up together overall shielded with extruded HDPE/PVC(FR/FRLS)/LSZH in accordance with BSEN:50288-7/BS:5308(P-1& 2) / IEC:60189/VDE:0207.

Overall Shielded Cables

Stranded / Solid Copper Conductor, Extruded PE / PVC / HR-PVC / XLPE Insulation, Core / Pair / Triad / Quad set up in conjunction with overall shielded with Mylar / Drain Wire / AI-Mylar,Inner encased extruded PE / PVC (FR/FRLS) / LSZH, Unarmoured / GI Steel round Wire
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