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Tortek India ranks top among Flexible Wires and Cables Manufacturers in India. Reason being, we manufacture, supply, and distribute a wide collection of wires and cables of top quality that meet industry standards. Our flame retardant cable with RoHS compliance wires includes Industrial cables, Flexible cables, Aluminium cables, Solar DC Cables, PVC Cables, Silicone Rubber Cables, Welding cables, Fire Survival Cables, Photovoltaic cables, Multicore cables, HT Aerial Bunch Cables, LT Aerial Bunch Cables, HT Power Cables and LT Power Cables. These cables and wires are designed to meet all requirements and applications.

Being one of the Top Flexible Wires and Cables Manufacturers in India, we manufacture and supply cables that are designed using advanced technologies to support the core of our engineering endeavour. Also, the use of modern machinery has enhanced the manufacturing efficiency, reliability and ensures safe conduction of wires. Moreover, the cables at Tortek India are manufactured under eco-friendly practices and are reliable, safe, lead-free, and fire-resistant. Our engineers make sure a safe environment in infrastructure, be it retail spaces, offices, residences, or industrial plants.

Flexible Wires and Cables Applications & Specifications

Our flexible wires and cables are suitable for all types of commercial and residential buildings where fire and electrical safety is of utmost importance. They are ideal for explosion-prone sites, densely wired areas, chemical factories, public buildings, hospitals, schools, commercial complexes, theatres, etc. They are also an apt choice for use in conduit and for fixed, protected installation.

During the manufacturing process, we twist strands of wires using machines with high precision to offer circularity to the conductor. So, our cables are packed with features that ensure a higher current carrying capacity. Moreover, these flexible wires and cables are made from specially crafted low flame retardant and low smoke compounds that can prevent the spread of flames in fire situations.

Connect with RK Industries for flexible wires and cable specialty. We are among the most trusted Flexible Wire and Cable Manufacturers in India that can help you with customized products, strict quality control. Contact now for a high-quality cables and wires at a competitive price range.

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